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For new students, please contact us in order to make you a free vocal assessment and discuss which option of lessons would work better for your according to your level, availability and expectations. Current students can schedule their lessons through phone or email as well.

Contact Information

Mar Fayos Vocal Studio

Phone Number: (857) 302 -  9673

E-mail address:



We offer three different packs of lessons in order to cover the needs of different kinds of students.


Regular monthly lessons:


  • Pack 1: 1h weekly lesson (4 lessons per month) – 200$

  • Pack 2: 1h lesson every two weeks (2 lessons per month) – 100$


Non-regular monthly lessons:


  • Pack 3: 10 lesson’s card to be scheduled within 4 months time – 520$


We also offer the option to take individual lessons to be scheduled with at least a week of advance per lesson – 55$ per lesson.



Payments of lessons will be made on a monthly basis for the students who take regular monthly sessions (Pack 1 & 2). The payment for each month is due by the 25th of the previous month (the week prior the new month.) Example. June payments are due by May 25th.


For the non-regular options of lessons (Pack 3 & Individual lessons), payments are due a week prior the class. In the case of the students who decide to take the Pack 3 of 10 lessons, payments are due the week prior the first one of the lessons. Example. If the lesson is on June 1, payment is due by May 25th.

*Payment information will be provided in a separate document once you become a registered student of the Studio.



Students must notify the studio for lesson cancellations with a minimum of 48 hours prior to lesson time. If the notification is made with enough time, the studio will schedule a make-up class at the earliest possible date, according to the student’s availability. If less than 48 hours notice is given, the studio will charge the student for the lesson missed and no make-up classes will be offered. There are no exceptions to this policy.


If the studio has to cancel a lesson, the studio will let it know to the student with a minimum of 24 hours prior the lesson time, and the studio will take the responsibility to schedule a make-up class at the earliest possible date, according to the student’s availability.




Mar Fayos Vocal Studio will offer lessons following a 12-month basis, which includes summer and school vacations.

If a student choses not to take lessons in the summer, following the school calendar, the student is responsible to communicate it to the Studio a week before the last scheduled class for the regular students with a fix spot, and there will be no guarantee of a fall lesson time.

If a student choses to stop taking lessons, the student is also responsible to communicate it to the Studio a week before the last scheduled class.


Vacation time: Mar Fayos Vocal Studio will be closed from December 23th to January 7th and from August 1st to August 15th for vacations. All federal and state holydays are observed.




The Studio will offer to the students the possibility to participate in several recitals and special events both inside and outside the studio during the year, adapted to their age, level and both educational and professional needs.


The participation to any of these events will be optional. Notice that some special events, such as workshops and master classes, may carry on additional fees that will be notified during the inscriptions’ period.


We encourage our students to be involved in these extra activities as a way to have fun while getting experience and sharing their talent and progress with their relatives and friends. They are part of the adventure of learning!




Students should arrive on time and will bring with them all the assigned material prepared for the lesson. Parents will be responsible for the conduct and behavior of minors and other persons who accompany them to the studio. Students who arrive late will be given only the time remaining in the lesson period.


Mar Fayos Vocal Studio is not responsible for any injury, illness, loss, or damage suffered by any person while they are taking lessons in our studio.

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