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Photographer: Berta Tiana

Stylist: Carmina Camps

Graphic designer: Bey Rodríguez

Listen to the Single of the album

Discover its Recording Process

Video recording and editing: Creueta119

Mi propia religión - translated as My Own Religion - is the first album of original music released by Mar Fayos, which collects three compositions written during her stay in the United States and adding unpublished compositions created in Barcelona in the Spring of 2020, as a result of a very personal work of introspection and self-discovery, and of the will to open herself completely through her voice, her messages and her songs to all those who want to listen to her.

The intention of this project, which is the artist's presentation card, has been at all times to let the messages and songs speak for themselves, paying special attention to both the musical arrangements and that the subsequent editing process not interfere in them, but accompany them, in order to communicate with the audience in the most direct and sincere way possible, simulating the effect of listening to a record recorded live.

In this project, financed through a successful crowdfunding campaign, which received financial support from sponsors coming from Spain, the United States and from Latin America, the vocalist has had an exceptional team with which “it has been a real privilege to work in this first child that we all prepared with so much love”. The producer and guitarist Oriol Padrós, together with the pianist and arranger Gabriel Peso, joined the project without hesitation, even without having heard the songs. The chemistry between them was immediate, and they were joined by experienced musicians who "brought their magic and talent to each of the compositions, making them come to life", such as Jordi Portaz on bass and upright bass, David Simó on drums, Nan Mercader on percussions, Joel Sempere on saxophone, Alberto Pérez Jordana on trumpet, Núria García Pastor on viola, Carolina Bartumeu on cello and Esperanza Delgado on backing vocals.

The album, recorded in August of 2020 between La Casamurada studio and Oriol Padrós' own studio, and mastered at Sterling Sound, in the United States, consists of eight songs - seven in Spanish and one in English - and it will be released at market in digital format on December 18th by Discmedi as a music distributor, and shortly after in physical format in all record stores throughout Spain. If circumstances allow it, the work will be presented to the public through a tour in Spain, Europe and the United States, followed by Latin America, throughout 2021. 

Composed entirely by the vocalist, who also worked on the elaboration of the musical arrangements and on the supervision of the different phases of the production, edition and publication of the album, begins by inviting the audience to listen to her and feel understood and loved in Tu versión perfecta - Your Perfect Version -, and continues sharing her personal story of struggle and self-improvement through Historia de una niña - The Story of a Girl -, followed by a song "so intimate that it's been hard to share" called Puzzle sin abrir - Unopened Puzzle -, which leads the listener to the next topic, by talking about the loneliness that accompanies us in moments of vital change and uncertainty in El fantasma de la soledad - The Phantom of Loneliness -.

Later, the emotional journey of the album becomes a little more spontaneous and vindictive, bringing out the more warlike and fun side of the vocalist in Mi propia religión - My Own Religion -, an authentic declaration of intentions, and continues to talk about the importance of learning to accept, love and live with yourself in Vivir contigo - Living With Yourself -. The love and passion for traditional jazz, Broadway music and French inspiration brought to the American city of lights that never sleeps are embodied in A Los Pies de Nueva York - At the feet of New York -, which takes us to the last piece of the album, in English, considered almost as a bis, entitled Home Again, which narrates Mar's experience of temporarily returning to live in the home where she grew up during the quarantine period after years living in another country by herself, and describes how the sensation of familiarity, comfort and reunion with a part of herself that she did not remember have defined Mar at this moment in her life, and also each of the sincere and touching songs that are part of this work that comes from jazz, but blends it with styles that are very influential for the author, such as pop, Latin music and soul, and it aims to put music to the soundtrack of some moments in the lives of those who listen to it, as she has already done with hers.

Now on sale on digital platforms and in physical format in stores

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